Posted pictures of work from this past year today in the Gallery section.

I’m finally getting this whole website thing figured out.


Also…Mark your calendars for June 21.

SCTG will be hosting our very first art show and opening the doors to all. I’m excited to announce that we have artists representing from New York, Chicago, Nashville, Canada, and of course New Orleans. Tell all your friends and make sure you come check the new place out.



“a place, person, or thing from which something comes, arises, or can be obtained.
synonyms: origin, birthplace, spring, fountainhead, fount, starting point, ground zero”

According to the dictionary, genesis was the most relatable word I could think of for this. So… This is the beginning.

And here we are. Something brought you here just like it brought me. Possibly the desire for something new. The admiration of art. Or even this great city that we love so much. But now you’re here and I can’t begin to thank you enough. Thank you for choosing Sailor’s Cross!

As this journey begins, I promise to grow, create, dream, and live the best way I can to better myself and my work. Join me and Sailor’s Cross as we take our first steps on the genesis. I promise it’ll be a journey well worth having.