The idea for Sailor’s Cross Tattoo & Gallery arose after the missing connection between artists and tattooists became so obvious.

Sailor’s Cross is the first of its kind in New Orleans. We provide the highest quality custom tattooing for serious collectors, tattooing of everything from traditional/neo-traditional to black and grey, all while in a clean, welcoming, and laid back environment. We are also a current, full-time art gallery for walk-in/walk-through business; we provide an avenue for both known and unknown local and national artists to display their work in a manner that will gain them recognition and support.

Sailor’s Cross is and will be readily and increasingly involved in community events: hosting events such as benefits for local charities, openings for up-and-coming local artists, concerts, and much more. We want to provide a positive light to the tattoo industry and what it represents in our modern age.




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  1. Do you tattoo minors? The law in Louisiana is that the parent have to give consent and be present during the tattooing procedure. I’m 17 and my mom would be there with verbal and written consent.

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